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We are Selling MAZUTM-100 GOST 10585-75

MAZUT Buyers Published date: October 25, 2017

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Sir/ Madam

We would like to thank you for your inquiry on our MAZUTM-100 GOST 10585-75 . We have included the details below as per your request. Kindly go through and should you have any questions, kindly contact

me directly at +447712348099 or at info@ekinventures.com

Product Name: MAZUTM-100 GOST 10585-75

Place of Origin: RASSIA

Price: USD 240 per MT, CIF ASWP



Buyer issues Letter of Intent (LOI) for the purchase of the product;

Seller issues Soft Corporate Offer (SCO), with the terms and conditions including specifications of the product;

Buyer confirms the SCO and acceptance of Seller’s procedures, issues ICPO with Seller’s procedure incorporated on the ICPO, and a copy of certificate of availability of storage facility;

Seller issues Draft Contract and send to the Buyer, Buyer returns the duly signed contract to Seller with a letter of acknowledgment and scanned copies of Buyer’s company registration, and international passport copy of the Buyer;

Seller reviews signed contract, seal, and return to Buyer the sealed and signed contract, then both parties lodge the contract with their respective banks;

Buyer shall notify the Seller the availability of funds and its readiness to issue Letter of Credit (LC) in favor of the Seller before receiving the partial POP.

Seller issue to the Buyer the following partial POP documents:

Copy of License certificate

Copy of Statement of Availability of the Product

Refinery Product quality passport (Analysis)

Upon confirmation of the receipt of POP, the Buyer within five (5) working days, shall issue in favor of the Seller a confirmed Irrevocable and assignable Letter of Credit (LC) valid for ninety (90) days covering the full amount of the intended delivery. Banking charges for opening of LC shall be on the account of the Buyer.

Upon confirmation of clause (8) at Seller’s bank, the Seller issues the following POP documents to Buyer’s bank and 2% Performance Bond.

Copy of License to Export

Copy of Approval to Export

Copy of Statement of Availability of the Product

Copy of the Refinery to Produce the Product

Copy of Transnet Contract to transport the product to the Port

Copy of Port Storage Agreement

Copy of Charter Party Agreement(s) to transport the product to the Port

Dip Test Authorization, Tank Receipt, SGS report

Copy of Vessel Questionnaire 88

Copy of Bill of Loading

Certificate of Origin

Upon receipt of 2% PB and POP documents by Buyer’s bank, the Buyer shall notify Seller of its readiness;

Shipment commences as per contract schedule;

Upon arrival of Vessel at designated port, the Buyer shall conduct inspection of the product and release full payment to Seller’s bank within 24 hours after SGS inspection.

These procedures are in addition to whatever stipulated in the Sales and Purchase Contract.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

With best regards

Mr R. Karim


30/5 New Mart place

Midlothian, EDINBURGH




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