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Mazut M100 yearly contract

MAZUT Buyers Published date: May 21, 2014

We are an international trading company operating in the commodities, finance & leisure segments. Experience, professionalism & efficiency is what drives us to excel in all our activities. We wish to immediately purchase M100 as per below terms/conditions from end-sellers only.

50,000 - 100,000 MT / month x 12 months.
CIF Qingdao, China.

By irrevocable, confirmed, non-transferable, DLC payable 100% at sight from top 50 prime bank.

If you are unable to offer us on CIF terms, we can consider FOB terms. In such an event, please send us all the necessary information (load port, port rate, port restrictions - if any), along with your best price.

Upon receipt (& acceptance) of your price offer, we will be pleased to immediately proceed onto contract.

  • Company Name: Karnsaxa International
  • Country: Canada

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