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MAZUT FUEL OIL 100 GOST 10585-75 (M100)

MAZUT Buyers Published date: March 21, 2020

Commodity : MAZUT FUEL OIL 100 GOST 10585-75 (M100)
Origin : Russia
Quantity : 80,000 MT per year +/-
Loading port : Seller’s Option ( Without Iran and Russia)
Destination port : Buyer’s option, Chittagong Sea port , Bangladesh.
Price : CFR, MOPS +/- US$ xx per/MT
Shipment Terms : Within 28 days after LC issueing date
Packing : Loose in Bulk
Inspaction : Quality , Quantity, Weight by SGS at seller’s cost at Loading port and Buyer’s cost at
destination port
Payments Terms : Letter of Credit (MT700)for Purchase , Within 3 days payment via TT (MT103) after
SGS report with arrival of the goods at the discharge port. Others conditions such as
additional shipping costs will be discussed later.
Performance Bond : 2% of amount of shipment shall be issued within 5 (Five) banking days Before LC
issueing date.
1. Seller issueSCO and Buyer provides POF(proof of fund)

2. Seller and Buyer accepts Contract and procedure signs seals

3. Buyer issue Letter of Credit (MT700)to the seller.

4. Seller Provides Partial proof of products to the Buyer.

5. Seller Issue 2% Performance Bond to buyer’s Bank.

6. Delivery commences as per contract.

7. Buyer Shall payment TT( MT 103) and refund 2% Performance Bond.
Seller provides partial proof of product to the Buyer
* License to Export

* Statement of availability of the products

* Refinery Commitment to procedure the product

* Tank Storage receipts

* Dip Test Report ( SGS Report)
Thanks & Be-regards

  • Company Name: Europapower Global Ltd. & Co. KG
  • Country: Germany

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