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New Offer

Light Crude Oil Sellers Published date: October 2, 2021

We are a OIL based company.
At present, we can offer BLCO , Jet Fuel (A1 and JP54), AGO, EN590 , 500PPM, d2 and D6, Russian origin and others origin, available FOB Rotterdam and/or Houston CIF ASWP.

Our Trial Shipment is a simple “Dip and Pay”. CiF or FOB procedure, PPOP: Fresh SGS Report with TSR/ATV. Buyer verifies product, then makes payment and provides TSR/ATV and ATI.

Buyer must pay directly and accordingly must provide upfront POF in a manner mutually agreeable.

Ceo Benefits OIL ltd
Whatsapp/ Mob : +2250709561393

  • Company Name: BENEFITS Ltd
  • Country: WEST AFRICA

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