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Seeking JP54 / Jet A1 variable end seller / Re seller / Titleholder matching buyers requirements.

JP54 Sellers Published date: January 28, 2020 Modified date: January 28, 2020

Seeking JP54, Jet A1 FOB Rotterdam / Houston CI DIP PAY.
Any variable end seller / Re seller / Titleholder matching buyers requirements
Below 3 proposals (Procedures) from buyers. Any seller is able to accept to cooperate
please provide full formal SCO with contact details. Seller must guarantee there are Fuel in seller's oil tank in Rotterdam / Houston

Buyers proposed acceptable procedures. Waiting response from suppliers / sellers.
First lift : 1 - 2 milion bbls. Thereafter 2 - 5 million bbls month x 12 months


1. Buyer sends ICPO along with company profile.

2. Seller issues commercial invoice (CI), buyer sign and return CI to seller acknowledging buyer’s legally binding commitment to purchase under the terms and conditions herein.

3. Seller release the following POP documents to buyer to enable buyer conduct DIP test in seller tank:

1 Unconditional DTA.

2 Fresh SGS report (48 hours) Rotterdam

3 Tank’s storage receipt.


5 Commitment to supply.

6 Product Passport.

7 Pre injection report at Rotterdam

9 Authorization to verify (ATV) at Rotterdam

5. Upon completion of DIP test, Buyer make 100% payment via MT103/TT wire transfer for the total value product and seller pays commission to all seller’s sides intermediates and all buyer’s sides intermediates involved in the transaction as per the signed NCNDA/IMFPA within 24 hours after confirmation the buyer’s payment.

6. seller injects the fuel into buyer’s vessel and seller submits the full injection report to the buyer.

7. Seller issues draft SPA to buyer, to review for R&E monthly



1.Buyer issue icpo containing the seller's working procedure with banking details and scanned copy of buyer's passport and TSA

2.Seller issue commercial invoice of the product; buyer sign and return back commercial invoice to seller along with an acceptance letter of the sales and purchase procedure.

3. Seller issue to buyer ppop listed below:

A) gps coordinate-tank storage receipt (tsr) with scanned barcode,
B) unconditional dta)
C) authorization to sell and collect.
D) Fresh sgs report Rotterdam
E) authorization to verify (atv).

4. Buyer inspect by sgs (dip test in seller's tanks) on buyer’s expenses.

5. Seller issues document to all intermediaries involved in the transaction and to buyer. endorsed ncnda/imfpa.

6. Upon successful dip test in tank, buyer makes payment for the product via mt 103

7. Seller transfer title to buyer, Buyer provides Tank Details –TSR and Authority to Inject (ATI) and Seller injects the fuel into Buyer's leased storage Tank / Vessel and submits the full Injection Report (IR) to Buyer. Buyer pays buyer side commission, seller pays seller side commission after complete payment



1. Buyer sends ICPO and passport copy to Seller on receipt of Seller's Soft Corporate Offer.

2. Seller issues Commercial Invoice CI, to Buyer, Buyer Signs and returns CI, to Seller with TSA From the buyer’s tank farm.

3. Seller issues the below POP Documents to the buyer for confirmation.

(1) Refinery Commitment to Supply,

(2): Export License.

(3) Statement of Product Availability

(4) Company Registration Certificate.

(5) Product Passport Analysis.

(6) ATSC.

(7) Fresh SGS REPORT (within 48 hr, in Rotterdam)

(8) ATV

(9) Injection Report at Rotterdam

(10) Unconditional DTA

(11) TSR(consis of GPS coordinate location, Tank Number, bar code)

4. NCNDA/IMFPA signed by all groups with commission structures.

5. Upon the confirmation of the POP documents, Buyer provides to the seller Notice of Readiness (NOR) to commence Injection.

6. Seller commences on the injection and provides to the buyer the injection report and all the necessary documents.

7. Upon complete injection of the product to the buyer’s tank, Buyer confirms the product Q&Q and pay 100% of the available product via MT103 TT wire transfer as per CI, DIP and PAY.

8. Seller and buyer pays all intermediaries involved in the transaction as per the executed NCNDA/IMFPA commission protection fee and transfers Title of Ownership to the Buyer’s name.

Please send full SCO at :


  • Company Name: Wira
  • Country: NL

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