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Russian Jet Fuel (JP54, JET A1) – FOB ROTTERDAM

JP54 Sellers Published date: June 9, 2020 Modified date: March 22, 2021

Refinery ONE
Russian Jet Fuel (JP54) – FOB ROTTERDAM,
Russian Jet Fuel (JET A1) – FOB ROTTERDAM

Refinery TWO
Russian Jet Fuel (JET A1) – FOB ROTTERDAM
Russian Jet Fuel (JP54) – FOB ROTTERDAM

I am a facilitator with access to two Russian refineries who can offer the above fuels at competitive market prices. They each have the capacity to supply upto a maximum of 5 million BPM. They are prepared to accept and pay buyer’s commission at a negotiable rate and this would include facilitators percentage depending on volume and grade of fuel required.

They are both honest, professional and transparent refineries and expect the same from any serious potential buyers with a request to supply an LOI on behalf of the buying company and if represented by a mandated agent a copy of the mandate or company profile.

Below are two different refineries procedures format. Please contact me should this be of interest to you or your clients and to ask any questions you may wish.

Please contact me:

1. Buyer sends ICPO on receipt of seller's soft offer along with buyer's CP and tank storage agreement (TSA).
2. Seller issues commercial invoice (CI) for the available quantity in the storage tank to buyer. Buyer signs and returns to seller the commercial invoice and a scan copy of the buyer's passport and company registration.
3. Seller receives the signed (CI) and issues to buyer the PPOP documents: a bill of Lading/Vessel details/Cargo Manifest/Certificate of Origin/Product Passport (analysis report).
4. Buyer contact their tank farm to obtain the booking confirmation letter and nor from there tank farm confirming their readiness to receive the product in their storage tank and send to the seller.
5. Seller approve and issue TSR/DTA for buyer and its SGS agents to proceeds with the dip test inspection process on seller's tank.
6. Upon successful dip test, buyer makes 100% payment by MT103 TT Wire transfer for the total product.
7. Seller proceeds with the tank to tank transfer of the product to the buyers secured shore tank at the loading port.
8. Seller pays all intermediary involved in the transaction, and subsequently monthly shipment continues as per terms and conditions of the Sales and Purchase agreement contract between buyer and seller.
9. Seller issues draft contract to buyer to review for R&E monthly deliveries.

Procedure 2 FOB Rotterdam

1. Buyer issues ICPO, Company Certificate of Registration and Buyer Passport.
2. Seller issues (CI), Buyer signs, Seals, Reverts with Buyers trusted logistic company
a) Term storage agreement (TSA)
b) Authorization to verify (ATV)
3. Buyer + Seller + Tank farm sign MOU (TSA addendum whereby parties AGREE ON:
a) Prepare draft injection schedule and define injection rate of (~200,000 BBL/DAY)
b) Agree on total number of days of lease covering.
i) Injection days (5-6 days) for injection (Sunday skipped)
ii) Buffer 2 days to allow seller complete issuance post-injection F-Pop Notarization and enough room for buyer to proceed with quantity and quality survey.
4. Seller makes upfront payment covering 40% TOTAL Lease days+ Buyer makes payment covering 60% of total lease days.
5. Tank storage company issues a TSR + NOR + ATI to seller.
6. Seller releases to Buyer and to Tank farm.
a) Product passport
b) Notice of readiness to commence injection per signed injection schedule.
7. On completion of injection: seller releases notarized NCNDA/IMPA to parties and issue POP documents as follows:
a) Injection report issued by injection company in Rotterdam
b) Post-injection SGS quality survey
c) Dip-test authorization valid for 7-days
d) Authority to sell and collect.
e) Notarized commercial invoice.
f) Certificate of origin consigned to buyers company.
8. Buyer proceeds with Q&Q survey via SGS, INTERTEK VERITAS
9. Upon successful survey, buyer makes payment total value of product injected VIATT/MT 103
10. Seller releases to buyer product title and ownership documents and buyer lifts the product with his Tanker.
11. Seller pays intermediaries as per NCNDA/IMPA

A. Above procedure presents no hidden fees from Sell side
B. Lease program safeguards buyer/seller from potential demurrage situation whereby:
C. Injection to be completed as agreed (excluding Sundays)
D. Buffer of two extra days for DIP-TEST proceedings
E. Before injection commences, seller and Tank farm negotiate optimal “Injection Rate”
F. Injection cost is borne by the seller.

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  • Country: UK based in Ukraine

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