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JP54 Sellers Published date: May 2, 2021

Hello Sir, if you are serious, please send me a letter of intent. No refinery will accept your order last then 10,000 Gallon. We are profoundly serious about our Buyer because we take pride in our service. We believe the buyer is especially important to this contract. So, we pay awfully close attention to his requests. So, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Even if you do not purchase the Oil. Please forward all questions from your Contacts for sometimes they ask questions that needs to be addressed before a CI is issue. Please ask your contact if there is anything that is needed to be addressed or any questions that is needed to be looked at by the refinery, please do not hesitate to ask. all FOB and CIF are within question, if you would like to question a price, please do not hesitate to do so. Please send all questions to my email.
Min. Quantity: 1,000,000 Barrel
Max. Quantity: 5,000,000 Barrel per Month
CIF Price: USD 45/ Bbl. Gross USD 43 /Bbl. Net
FOB Price: USD 38/Bbl. Gross USD 36/Bbl. Net
Commission: USD1 Buyer side - USD1 Seller side
Thank you. Michael Cobbs, Darnell Fuel Export LLC
Michael D. Cobbs
VIA: Darnell Fuel Export LLC
PHONE: 1-704-240-9673
FAX: 1-704-240-3604
Cell: 1-980-429-5635

  • Company Name: Darnell Fuel Export LLC
  • Country: America

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