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fuel and crudeoil supply

JP54 Sellers Published date: June 6, 2014 Modified date: June 6, 2014


we will be able to suppy any sort of fuel and crude oil. starting capacity is 100 k MT wich can be later increased to 300 and crude oil more then 500 k . we deliver only on fob conditions via Primorsk.
once our procedures are accepted we would show you our port agreement, past performance docs and even our russian taxation department indicating company details and what sort of business the company is involved in. Once the BG is in place we will even provide Refinery Contract No. and contact details to verify.(not for crude)

Please note the payment via BG is NOT NEGOTİABLE!!!!!

Delivery: FOB (Free On Board) Russia Port, Primorsk, INCOTERMS® 2010
Price: Platts European Marketscan Northwest Europe barges
(AAJUSOO) / MT [average
price of the three days prior to loading]
Discount: - 22 USD / MT net to buyer for EN590 for EXAMPLE!! crude is at minus 18 per MT!!
Inspection: By S.G.S.
Terms of payment: Bank guarantee
Procedure: 1. Seller issues FCO
2. Buyer issues ICPO and BCL
3. Seller issues Draft Contract
4. Seller and Buyer sign contract submit to the bank.
5. Buyer opens Bank guarantee
6. Seller issues document confirming the performance of the agreement
7. Realization of delivery
8. Payment of the goods

  • Company Name: kadereitresources
  • Country: germany

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