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Jet A1, JP54 and D6 Available

JP54 Buyers Published date: March 6, 2021

We are a U.S. based company. At present, we can offer Jet Fuel (A1 and JP54) and D6, Russian origin, available FOB Rotterdam and/or Houston. Our Trial Shipment is a simple “Dip and Pay”. PPOP: Fresh SGS Report with TSR/ATV. Buyer verifies product, then makes payment and provides TSR/ATV and ATI. Buyer must pay directly and accordingly must provide upfront POF in a manner mutually agreeable.

Our pricing policy is to quote a Net Price. The typical commission spread is not quoted; however, the Seller is responsible for the seller side commission in the Net Price received, and the buyer is responsible for the buyer side commission calculated within the Net Price paid.

Upon successful completion of the Trial Shipment, then the SPA will be negotiated and signed for annual contract delivery.

Mike Heilman
Florida, USA
Skype: Mike Heilman (symbol is gold circle)
Cell: 410-991-4491

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