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D2 Sellers Published date: November 2, 2022

By way of introduction, I am the president of BRIDG, a US company, and I am seeking Jet A1 (non-Russian) for my qualified US Buyer that has the cash, tanks and vessels to quickly conclude a Trial (1 to 2 MB), followed by an annual Contract (up to 5 MB per month) at a net price of PLATT less $5.00.

I know that you are aware of the dilemma in our market as to what comes first … the POP or the POF. To ease this issue, I suggest that the Buyer and Seller communicate to establish a mutually agreeable procedure for exchanging the POP and POF to equally protect the Seller and Buyer.

If you are interested and wish to begin the process, I request a conversation with the Seller or Seller’s representative. Upon a mutually satisfactory conversation, I can provide Buyer’s Terms & Procedure with the Buyer’s product requirements to include product specs, quantity, target price and preferred delivery location, supported with the buyer’s CP. In turn, I will request the Seller’s standard SCO.

The Seller is responsible for all Seller side broker commissions. The Buyer is responsible for all Buyer side broker commissions.

If interested, please contact me, Mike Heilman, at

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