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En590 10ppm and D2 Gasoil

D2 Sellers Published date: July 10, 2020 Modified date: March 22, 2021

TTO (Tanker Take Over) Offer – CIF ASWP
Product : En590 10ppm and D2 Gasoil
Delivery : CIF ASWP transaction with Rollover & Extension.
Quantity : Trial: 25,000 MT to 100,000 MT per lift.
Contract : 25,000 MT to 300,000 MT PM with Roll and Extension.
Origin : Russian Federation.
Inspection : SGS test report will be conducted at the loading port by SGS
Payment Instrument : DLC/SBLC/IRDLC/BG/T/T, MT103, at Sight.
Loading Port : Nakhodka / Vladivostok / Novorossiysk Port.
Performance Bond (PB) : 2% PB to be issued by Seller’s Bank in favor of the Buyer.
Shipment Method : Via vessel.

1. Buyer issues official ICPO
2. Seller issues Draft Contract to buyer, the Buyer returns countersigns contract to seller with a letter of Acceptance.
3. Seller reviews signed contract and send the original signed and sealed contract to the buyer, both parties lodge with their banks.
4. Seller releases to Buyer the below listed partial PPOP Documents;
a. Refinery Commitment to Supply
b. Certificate of Origin and Export permit
c. Statement of availability of product and information of port of loading
d. Product Quality passport (Analysis Test Report) and ATPCC)
5. Buyer's Bank prefers to verify the above POP document to issues SBLC OR BG 760, DLC MT700 / MT799 via swift to Seller bank within five 5 banking days, with normal value covering one-month quality and deliveries.
6. Within 3 banking days, the Seller's Bank shall issue operative 2% performance Bond cover for the total amount of the contract value to the Buyer's Bank after received Buyer's bank-issued payment instrument.
7. Seller signs the CPA with a shipping company and issues the full POP document and shipping document to the buyer's Bank.
a. Bill of Landing and Marine Insurance
b. Vessel Tanker Q88
c. Fresh SGS Report
d. Charter Part Agreement
e. Ownership Certificate
f. Title Transfer Affidavit
g. Product Allocation Certificate
h. Ullage Report
i. Cargo Manifest Commercial invoice
j. Notice of Readiness
k. Shipment Commence as per contract schedule.
8. Within 5 working days of Vessel arrival, the Buyer release full payment via TT/MT103 after CIQ/SGS at the destination port.
9. Seller, within seventy-two (72) hours, pays commissions to all int

  • Company Name: Trevor Casey-Williams

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