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En590 10ppm $210 CIF depending on port

D2 Sellers Published date: October 18, 2020

We have a recognised seller who can offer EN590 10ppm at around $210 CIF depending on arrival port.

Interested buyers only if they can accept the following Procedures.

As said BUYERS only who can prove 100% their company and financial capabilities.

1. Buyer accepts seller’s procedure and issue ICPO with following: -
a) Client’s information sheet (CIS) containing banking details, company’s profile & passport copy.
b) An acceptance letter stating to adhere to seller’s procedure.

2. Seller acknowledges buyer’s ICPO and issues contract to buyer open for amendment, buyer signs and return the contract to the Seller in Word Format within 3 working international days along with a bank certified proof of fund/BCL stating bank’s RWA to issue bank instrument.

3. Seller makes the final signature, register and legalizes the signed contract with the ministry of energy and the federal commission on securities market (FCSM) Russian federation to make the contract legal in Russian energy market (EXPENSES TO BE BORNE BY SELLER UPON CONFIRMATION OF BANK BCL/RWA) Seller sends to buyer the final approved contract along with bellow soft performance

Guarantee pop documents: -
a) commitment letter to supply product.
b) Statement of product availability.
c) product certificate of origin.
d) seller certificate of incorporation/registration
e) Product certificate of quality passport of analysis.

4. Buyer’s bank in accordance with seller’s verbiage issue SBLC MT760 within 7 working days for first shipment’s value to seller’s financial bank to enable seller commence loading of product with the shipping company and release full set of POP documents after loading via: BANK TO BANK SWIFT WITHIN 7 WORKING DAYS. IF BUYER FAILS TO ISSUE SBLC MT760 WITHIN 7 working days, in alternative buyer pay’s VIA TT $350,000 as guarantee performance within 72 hours which will be deducted from the product face value when final payment is made.

5. Upon seller’s bank successful receipt of instrument from buyer’s bank or alternatively, TT payment of $350,000 should the buyer fails to issue instrument within the stipulated time frame, seller loads products within 7 working international days and send POP document in buyer’s company name to buyer via bank to bank and a copy via email to buyer and representative 9 sets below: -

a. Certificate of origin
b. Product passport
c. Company tax payer certificate
d. Commercial invoice.
e. Tank receipt
f. Q88 & quality spec
g. Fresh SGS report
h. Bill of lading
i. 2% PB.

6. Buyer notifies seller by official written notices of his bank receiving seller’s pop document whilst seller sends to buyer the registered hard copy of the contract through courier services within 3 working days.

7. Shipment commences as scheduled in the contract and upon arrival of the port, buyer’s inspection team carry out CIQ or equivalent inspection to ascertain quality and quantity.

8. Product is discharge after successful inspection into buyer’s storage facility, buyer’s bank release Payments for total value of the product to seller’s bank within 72 hours by TT/MT 103.

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