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D2 available for immediate delivery

D2 Sellers Published date: January 31, 2021 Modified date: March 2, 2021

Dear Buyer,

We work directly with a top Russian Refinery that is ready to deliver all Petroleum Oil products in large quantities.
Should you decide to start the process and eliminate any unqualified brokers please submit your Letter of Request to us with all your requirements and specifications to secure accurate quotation and start the process of exchanging documentations. To accommodate the transaction, we follow Refinery's standard International Procurement and Trading Procedures with copies submitted to you upon your request. Current World’s market is very fluid causing rapid changes to quotations requiring all buyers to solidify their Offers immediately.

Our refinery with decades of experience in international shipping will arrange for either FOB Rotterdam, Tank to Vessel, Vessel to Vessel, Pipe Line to Vessel or CIF guaranteed deliveries (as per request and specifications of the buyer).

List of available products on FOB / CIF basis:

• Diesel Oil EN590 10ppm
• Mazut 100 GOST - 10585-75
• Diesel Automotive Gas Oil (AGO 66 / FP65)
• Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade 54 Jet Fuel (JP Grade 54)
• Diesel Gas Oil GOST D2 and Gasoline
• Jet Fuel A1
• Export Blend Crude.

All commercial relationships kept with strict confidentiality.

Looking forward to receive your letter of request


Andre Martin - Procurement and Trading Division
Phone +1 647 781 9234
email : finance2011@live.ca

  • Publisher: Andre Martin
  • Company Name: 2287078 Alberta Ltd
  • Country: Canada

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