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Jet Fuel and D6

D2 Buyers Published date: July 8, 2022

By way of introduction, I am the president of BRIDG, a US company, and I am able to supply jet fuel and D6 for qualified buyers that can provide a POF upfront and then SBLC in harmony with POP. Due to changes in the market, product does not move until an SBLC is presented for both trial and contract shipments. We provide the financial instrument to our non-Russian refinery to pass title to us on your behalf, thus we need to be assured that we will receive payment upon delivery (no offense intended).

To begin the process, I request a conversation with the buyer or buyer’s representative. Upon a mutually satisfactory conversation, I request the buyer’s LOI with the buyer’s product requirements to include product specs, quantity, target price and preferred delivery location supported with the buyer’s CP (or website). We typically quote at net price based upon the PLATT/INDEX less a discount based upon market conditions. The buyer is responsible for all buyer side broker commissions. If interested, please contact me, Michael Heilman, at

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