Mazut M-100

Mazut Trading Companies, Buyers and Sellers, ICPO, Mandate, Bunkers



REBCO Traders, FCO, Suppliers, Oil Brokers, Intermediaries, Agents, FOB


Gas Oil (D2)

D2 Suppliers, Wholesale Buyers, Storage, AGO, GasOil, Facilitators, LOI


Light Crude Oil

SLCO Sellers, ARAMCO, Facilitators, POP, Saudi Light Crude Oil, US Traders


Jet Fuel (JP54)

Jet Fuel Producers and Suppliers, JP-54, Agents, Brokers, Mandates, ICPO



Liquified Petroleum, Natural Gas (LPG-LNG) Traders, Sellers, Storage, Shipments, SCO


Bitumen / Asphalt

Asphalt, Bitumen Shipments, Suppliers, LOI, FCO, Agents, Wholesale Buyers


COAL Traders

Wholesale coal trading companies. Anthracite coal, thermal coal, steam coal, coking coal. CIF


UREA 46%

UREA-46% (CIF Basis), China Buyers, Suppliers from CIS Countries, ICPO/BCL


I am a Sole Trader

We're a Trading Company

Buyer / Seller / Mandate