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Buyer looking for good quality D2

MAZUT Buyers Published date: March 11, 2019 Modified date: May 17, 2019

Dear Suppliers,

We are the buyer not an agent and we are looking for good quality D2 50ppm with a specific transaction methods(A or B) below.

As we are focusing in a specific group of clients, the specification must not exceed the Min. or Max. limit set in our specification parameters which will be given when you reply this. Please note color must be close to clear and with soft faint smell(not strong smell). Please quote 10k MT for this shipment for both party to try it out. We had described below in specific how transaction will be done.

(A)The transaction is to be done CIF/STS at OPL China water as below.

Transaction Procedures
1. After both Seller and Buyer agree on the product, price and transaction method, Buyer will send MOU/Purchase Order(PO) of 10K MT, Buyer will collect within 10 working days upon supplier’s vessel reaching East China Sea near 31°46'41.1"N 125°39'55.1"E (exact coordinates will be provided). That is, Buyer sends a PO or sign contract for 10k MT of D2, Seller’s Tanker vessel sails to provided coordinates and transaction starts when Buyer barges start loading cargo. To assure Seller Buyer will take the cargo before vessel set sail, we can arrange both Buyer and Seller to deposit an amount to third party escrow firm that both parties accept(Ideally Hong Kong or Singapore as these Countries speak both English and Mandarin) or show Proof of fund. This is to ensure transaction is mutually secured.

2. Once Seller’s vessel reaches given coordinates, Buyer will send small barges to collect lab testing sample of cargo. Once quality of cargo had been ascertained to be according to Specifications, Buyer will dispatch barges of different sizes for loading and Telegraphic Transfer(TT) of fund will be wired to Seller according to amount collected. That is, when Buyer’s barges collect 3k MT, Buyer will pay 3k MT by TT, follow by 2k MT or 5k MT and Buyer pays the quantity by TT as they load to their barges. It depends on what sizes of barges are available for Buyer to dispatch then.
3. If things go smoothly after first transaction, Buyer will issue a monthly Order for 10k MT–30K MT depending on their demand.

(B) If your Company do not support above transaction method but YOU HAVE VESSELS NEAR CHINA SEA, we can send our vessels to your coordinates and do the transactions after verifying that you have the cargo and titleship to it. This method will be of smaller quantity though until we both have built up trust.

(C) If you want to do FOB, please choose a port near to Korea.

If you can do any of the above, please send spec and photo of product offered. Our Client group is very particular about the color so a photo of the offered product is a must.

Thank you and awaiting your soonest reply.

Ken Tan
Managing Director
Contact: +86 136 9147 7022 or +65 9146 3783

  • Publisher: Ken Tan
  • Company Name: Compinte Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Country: Singapore

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