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D2 Sellers Published date: March 14, 2018 Modified date: March 26, 2018

D6 – also known as Residual Fuel Oil (RFO) – is a high-viscosity residual fuel oil that requires preheating to 104°C-127°C. D6 may contain various undesirable impurities, including 2% water and 1.5% mineral soil. These impurities and pollutants make D6 the most economical liquid fuel on the market.

D6 applications include power plants, large ships and some industrial boilers. It is not suited to road vehicles or smaller vessel usage. This is because the preheating equipment requires considerable space, which would increase the vehicle’s weight.

We offer Russian specification of Diesel Residual Fuel Oil for a SPOT LIFT and the price are open to negotiations and we also supply on CIF basis ASWP.

Olga Ivanova
SKYPE: salesdept@triadallc.ru

  • Company Name: OOO TRIADA

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